Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marketplace 3301

This is my therapy.
 In September I became a booth. Really, my garage filled up with my "stuff". And I started painting, organizing , pinning displays and vignettes. Day-dreamy, time-wasty kind of stuff.
 My fourteen year old son became a Junk Hunk. Junk Hunk; noun- a male, of any age, who helps his mama, wife, sister, girlfriend, or his mama's friend, sister, and girlfriend, move furniture, tack up pages of maps on a wall. Dolly a vintage refrigerator up a second floor via a ramp. Hold this, put this here. No wait, over there. xx I love you. Wait , I don't like that. put it over here. Thank you hunny!  Now that's what I call a Junk Hunk. 
Back to the booth. This isn't a picture of the booth. Which is named "Mary Ann and Donna Lou" and maybe someday I will tell you that story. I will. This is a window display that I was asked (humbled me) to be a part of. I know you may not understand, but looking at this photo makes me want to cry. Such a blessing to me. Is it possible that adding more to my life would be a blessing? Well in this case, in my case, it is. I have gone back and forth with my mister. But he has supported every last day-dreamy, time-wasty bit! While I paint, create, dream, I relax. I smile. I breath. I'm in love.
The people there, smile, greet, and have happy conversations. Happy conversations. That's just what the Dr. ordered.


  1. Love this window display, you are so creative, and I miss having my creative friend in my own neighborhood. I'm glad you had this experience, isn't creativity udder bliss!

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words! All these years ago, YOU really are the one who saw my stuff and encouraged me. I miss having you in my neighborhood too! You have been an inspiration-thank you!!